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BioPharmaChem Ireland is the biopharma, pharma and chemical sector organisation of Ibec. We influence, support and represent the sector in realising its ambition by bringing together all relevant stakeholders in the State, namely: the industry, the government, the regulator, the research community and the public at large to effectively communicate the unique attractiveness of Ireland as a leading location for the supply and development of pharmaceutical products.

Recent investment of over €3 billion from leading, global biotech companies has affirmed Ireland as a preferred location for the development and manufacture of biologics. 55,000 people are employed directly and indirectly in the biopharma, pharma and chemical sectors in Ireland, with pharmaceutical exports accounting for over 60% of the total Irish exports.

Representing our multinational and indigenous members, our vision is that Ireland will enhance its reputation as a recognised centre of excellence for innovation and development in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and chemical supply, thereby becoming the location of choice for the launch of new products.


The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) is the representative organisation for the international research-based pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Our members discover and develop innovative medicines for treating or curing medical conditions and diseases, improving patients’ quality of life and their life expectancy.


NIBRT is a world-class institute that provides training and research solutions for the bioprocessing industry. NIBRT supports the bioprocessing industry by providing a unique learning experience for trainees in an environment that replicates the most modern industrial bioprocessing facility. In parallel, NIBRT undertakes leading edge research in key areas of bioprocessing in collaboration with industry.